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Helping people to connect virtually in times of Social Distancing and Self-Isolation.

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"In times of social distancing and self-isolation, we want to help people feel less lonely by connecting them virtually, based on common interests."



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remote work

Get connected with people who know how to work online and hear best practices!


Better safe than sorry! Discuss different ways of protecting your digital assets!


More and more people are interested in exploring their mindset and brain!

Property investment

Thinking about investing in real estate? Talk with others about your ideas!

interior design

A new house, new life, and many ideas for a new design? Many love this topic!


Connect with others and share your thoughts about modern dating tips 🙂

Future skills

Which skills will be needed this or next year? Find out over a nice cup of tea!

5 minutes meals

Wanna spice up your cooking? But with not much effort? Talk about quick and yummy meals!

Create your own

Passionate about other topics? Whether it is cinema, poker or cats - you are the creator here!

We want to talk, hear and see other people!

In the recent situation AHOYly gives an opportunity to satisfy the need to connect with others. You can CALL another person and TALK about the topic of your interest!

Do you want to talk to somebody about a topic you love? Do you want to hear or see the person on the other end of the phone? Aholy lets you have one-on-one conversation in a relaxed and safe space online.

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What People Say

"Don't get me wrong. I work and travel and that is great! But I feel lonely sometimes, so having a call with another person on a rainy Friday evening makes me happy!"
Jeff Larson
remote worker
"As a single mom of two young children, I found it hard to socialise at all. Ahoyly gave me a chance to connect with other moms! Now we have weekly catch-up calls!"
Hannah Mason
single mom
"Imagine a cat lover born to a dog loving family? A nightmare! On Ahoyly I found Amy and James who share the same passion about cats! Good to just talk with someone about your interests!"
Mike Mills
cat lover